16 jul 2015 / franko b showcases milk + blood
On 9th July Franko B premiered MILK + BLOOD at a/political, London. 
Using the metaphor of boxing, the performance projected the eternal suffering of mankind and the individual's struggle to overcome. 

The performance will move to Toynbee Studios, London on the 28th and 29th of July. Set inside the atmospheric Court Room, a former juvenile court, Franko B will explore themes of pain, eroticism, revulsion, ecstasy and masculinity during twelve two minute rounds of mental and physical endurance.

On the 27th of July, the performance will be broadcast live on thisistomorrow.info for an online audience only. 

MILK + BLOOD will tour nationwide. Details to be published shortly. 

Book tickets for Toynbee Studios here: 
Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street E1 6AB
Link to thisistomorrow.info 

(Image (c) Hugo Glendinning, Franko B & a/political)


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